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Ethel the Tripawd Bulldog!

In the Hospital

July 15th, 2017 · 8 Comments · Uncategorized

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Ethel’s in the hospital. Yesterday started out great. Park time, breakfast, dental treats, quiet time, then weirdness. She got lethargic yesterday afternoon, and when I took her out to pee, she peed once, pooped, then walked around and peed, (or tired to, I’m not sure which) three or four more times. She came back in the house and at some point, got in her bed. I offered her dinner and water before I left for a 6 pm meeting, but she refused both. When I got back around 8:30, she was still in bed, but had left to pee on one of the mats on the kitchen floor. I offered food and water again, and again she refused. I slept downstairs, but it was a restless, fitful sleep. At one point I was awoken by her sitting up and panting. I was happy to see she sat up since she’d been immobile since I got back home, but still she wouldn’t get out of her bed. I woke up several more times during the night, sometimes hearing her snore, other times breathing regularly. Finally at 5, I got up and she was in the same position in her bed as she’d been since I’d gotten home at 8:30. I couldn’t budge her from her bed, so I pulled the bed out of her crate to find she’d peed in her bed. I took her to the vet and they did blood work. Her white cells are way down, and she’s got a slight temp, so she’s in the hospital for the next few days. My question is why did her white cells drop so long after chemo round one, and is this going to be a recurring event after chemo. Any answers are appreciated.

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  • rikntracy

    I’m so sorry Ethel is not feeling well. I hope she feels better soon! We’re thinking of you.

    I’m sorry I don’t have any insight on the chemo.

    Tracy & Zatoichi

  • linda8115

    I believe there are two separate windows of time for this to happen. Not sure but possibly like 7 and 21 days? Don’t quote me on it. I think when this happens the oncologists adjust the dosage down and possibly move out the frequency to every 4 weeks instead of three. Great that you were on top of it and got it taken care off. Poor Ethel! Hopefully it won’t always happen but if it does you always have the option of discontinuing the chemo at any point a choice others have also made. Hugs and hope sweet Ethel is able to come home soon!

  • traceym

    So sorry Ethel is in the hospital. Does the vet think she has an infection? I don’t have any specific experience but I read this article

    Big hugs to you and Ethel.

    Tracey & Tai

    • rhduff

      Thank you for that link. I have a better understanding of why her WBC is so low. Not sure if there’s an infection or not.

  • sessy

    My Sessy had low WBC at the 21 day point. Found this out right before her second chemo. UCDavis just changed it to chemo every 4 weeks instead of 3 and that worked fine. Hang in there hopefully this will what your baby needs……I’ll keep you in my thoughts

  • benny55

    Good for you for being such a good “watchdog” for Ethel!! Good job!!

    And maybe I missed it, but how many treatments has she had and how long ago was the most recent?

    It’s NOT unusual for a low wbc pretty much anytime between treatments. As Linda mentioned, sometimes it’s more common during a specific time, but it also can happen pretty much anytime.

    Carboplatin is the most common ine used for Osteo and yes, low wbc can happen with that one.

    You mentioned the pee issues, so I’m sure the Vet is checking any infection related to bladder, uti, etc. It’s possible that the infection low wbc is related to that too.

    Also, went back and read the previous blog. Sorry I missed that earlier but just wanted to say what an ADORABLE photo!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Sooooo cute!!

    One more thing ti throw ijt there, okay? Obviously she has an I fection, but just make sure she doesn’t have a y tweakr muscles or sprains, no shoulder soreness, etc. Sou ds like she’s auite active this early in, so just throwing that out in the “for whatever itsw worth”‘pile!

    How is she being treated at the clinic?? Are they doing fluid IV or antibiotic IV? Running other tests?

    Hang in there a d please update when you can! We’ll be cheering for her!!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  • benny55

    And as Sessy “validated” it can happen at the 21’day mzrk. It may be that lower doses will be recommended and/or further out as with Sessy.

    Also, the one thing about Carboplatin if it can be stopped anytime if side effects are too severe.

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