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Ethel the Tripawd Bulldog!

My Dog's Journey on Three Legs.

Ethel the Tripawd Bulldog!

All Clear

May 31st, 2018 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

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It’s been almost a year since Ethel’s amputation. We’re almost one year into her saga and her lung scan last week came back all clear. I’m really torn on whether or not to begin the osteosarcoma vaccine regimen. She’s happy and healthy, so those are factors in going ahead with the vaccine. On the other hand, she’s already 10 and bulldogs don’t usually live much longer than 10 years. I’m also concerned about side effects and adverse reactions to the medicine. Any input from the community is appreciated.

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  • benny55

    SOOOOO HAPPY TO SEE THIS UPDATE😁 MADE MY DAY!😁 And I just realized I missed the earlier celebration post and Ethel’s ADORABLE picture!

    So extra CONGRATULATIONS to Ethel! Amd we have a one year ampuversary coming up.
    WOW!!!! A three legged Bulldog named Ethel os showing the world how to rock on three legs and live life to the fullest !

    Whether to proceed with the vaccine is such an individual decision with no rigjt or wrong.

    Amd in no way…noooo way…am I expressing an opinion, vut I’m merely reflecting baxk some of the concerns you expressed. You already mentioned that Ethel is a “mature” gal. Obviously she is feeling famtastic and having a blast being Ethel again! As you know, with “seniors” all of the sudden they can age quickly and start developing “elderly issues”.

    Of course statistics don’t mean much around here, but is the vaccine supppsed to add “x” number of months? Not sure the question makes sense.

    Since Ethel had a rough time with her initial chemo that resulted in a hospital stay, is that an indicator she may be more susceptible to vaccine related side effects?
    Are there a lot of Vet trips involved, poking, prodding, etc.?

    Maybe it boils down to this. Would you second guess yourself, or have regrets, if you just continue to enjoy seeing Ethel be Ethel for however long that may be? Or could you just be a peace knowing you’ve already done more than most people would have done and just let her continue enjoying herself with no risks of side effects, etc?

    I think we all sort of draw a subconscious line in the samd as far as how much more treatment we would pursue….or not.

    Okay, just know you’ll do the rght thing for Ethel, jist like you always have💖

    She did get a scoop of oce cream and cheeseburgers for this great check up, right? Right ?


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too !

  • jerry

    Wooohoo! That is such GREAT news, congratulations on reaching the big one year mark! Take time to celebrate and treasure Ethel’s victory!!!

    OK so as far as the vaccine goes, did you see our blog posts about it?

    There are a few minor side effects but from what we learned, not nearly as bad as those that occasionally happen with chemotherapy. It’s best to talk to the vet who might give it to Ethel to find out what her risk factors are for side effects.

    It all comes down to, what is the best quality of life for her? If she doesn’t mind going to the vet and you can afford to cover the cost of the vaccine, it’s not a terrible way to get extra points on her side, and potentially more time together. But if she will be stressed by the experience and it’s not something that you can easily pay for, then maybe it’s not right for your situation. Only you can answer that.

    Either way let us know what you decide, and yes, pictures please!

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